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On Thursday of each week, The 60s Official Site will showcase the countdown of the top ten songs of the current week of a particular year in the 1960s. It may have significance to your first love, your birthday, graduation or any special occasion that brings back the memories on how great the sixties truly were. So tune in at this web page weekly and check out the year we will be showcasing and listen to the Top Ten songs from the current week from the Billboard Charts plus review the headlines for that week of that year. 

Looking back at this week's Billboard Chart from 1962

News Headlines & Tidbits from

January 17- January 23, 1962

Jan 21 - Jackie Wilson appeared on "The Ed Sullivan Show."

Jan 22 - Gene Chandler made his TV debut on "American Bandstand."

Playing now from 1962 are the top ten songs as listed on Billboard's Magazine edition for the week of Jan 14 - Jan 20, 1962.  

Enjoy this week's Top Ten Countdown

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