The Greatest Instrumental Hits of the 60s


Throughout the 60s decade the craze of instrumental pop or rock 'n roll music became standards during the sixites decade and are still played today on the radio.  Many of these instrumental songs hit the top of the charts that demonstrated that you didn't have to be singing or screaming in the mike to have a hit record.  So many of these songs became theme songs for high school proms even now as well as back then. You can certainly hear some of these instrumental in TV commercials today. Sit back and reflect, listen and recall "How Great This Music Was."

  1. Out of Limits/The Marketts (1964) Billboard Hit #2
  2. Green Onions/Booker T. & The MGs (1963) Billboard Hit #1
  3. Java/Al Hirt (1964) Billboard Hit #4
  4. Souful Strut/Young-Holt Unlimited (1968) Billboard Hit #3
  5. Taste of Honey/Herb Alpert (1965) Billboard Hit #7
  6. The Good, The Bad And The Ugly/Hugo Montenegro (1968) Billboard Hit #2
  7. The Horse/Cliff Nobles and Company (1968) Billboard Hit #2
  8. Telstar/The Tornoados (1962) Billboard Hit #1
  9. Pipeline/The Chantays (1963) Billboard Hit #4
  10. Wipeout/The Sufaris (1963) Billboard Hit #2 (1966) Billboard Hit #16
  11. Classical Gas/Mason Williams (1968) Billboard Hit #2
  12. Last Date/Floyd Cramer (1960) Billboard Hit #2
  13. Wonderland by Night/Bert Kaempfert and His Orchestra (1961) Billboard Hit #1
  14. Stranger On The Shore/Mr. Acker Bilk/ (1962) Billboard Hit #1
  15. The Stripper/David Rose (1962) Billboard Hit #1
  16. Time Is Tight/Booker T. & The MGs (1969) Billboard Hit #6
  17. Walk In The Black Forest/Horst Jankowski (1965) Billboard Hit #12
  18. Walk Don' Run '64/The Ventures (1964) Billboard Hit #8
  19. Main Theme From Exodus (Ari's Theme)/Mantovani (1961) Billboard Hit 31 (Special Note: Ferrante & Teicher hit Exodus hit Billboard Hit #2) 
  20.  Grazing In The Grass/Hugh Masekela (1968) Billboard Hit #1
  21. Love Theme From Romeo And Juliet/Henry Mancini (1969) Billboard Hit #1
  22. Yakety Sax/Boots Randolph (1963) Billboard Hit #35
  23. Love Is Blue/Paul Mauriat (1968) Billboard Hit #1
  24. The Theme From "A Summer Place"/Percy Faith (1960) Billboard Hit #1


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