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Undergoing a midlife renaissance, and restless to find my own niche, I revived my dormant writing talent to compose fiction that taps into significant issues impacting the lives of Boomer Babes. Not buying into the Menopause Manifesto, I believe  women never lose their "curb appeal."  Love, passion, and adventure remain integral parts of a woman's life at any age.
Also, taking a cue from the women in my circle who have family obligations, careers, inhibitions, anxieties, or fears  preventing us from forsaking it all, Carla Matteo stepped into my field of vision and the seeds for UNDERLYING NOTES were sown.



Underlying Notes

Eva Pasco's "Underlying Notes"

More than a cocktail for hot flashes and fluctuating libido, Underlying Notes is littered with debris from the Sixties and  strewn with crumbs of callousness, blame, self-sacrifice, repression, and restlessness along Carla Matteo's journey in the Second Act of Life.
Carla's fragrance addiction numbs the pain of her father's tragic death, wards off the sting of a severed adolescent friendship, fortifies her against the stench of employment inside her husband's waste management company on land purported to have been swindled by a shady father-in-law, and wafts through fantasies of having a fling with hubby's paesano. During a midlife crisis the juice offers incentive for Carla to find her own niche, while the ominous rose note in Paloma Picasso forces her to confront a troubled past.
Carla Matteo's self-deprecating wit and candor navigate the reader past Rhode Island's affluent coastal communities, prominent landmarks, cherished institutions, and olive oil spills of the underworld.  Carla's account is as multilayered as the fragrances she wears to permeate back stories that illuminate the present and surrender underlying secrets one morsel at a time.

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  • Requiem for Mom & Pop Stores
    Before my family moved into our custom-built home in Lincoln, we lived in a tenement for a few months. This temporary lodging happened to be practically right next door to Walker's Market on the corner of Douglas and Mineral Spring Avenue. Hard to believe this barn red clapboard structure had aisles wide enough to stroll a shopping cart.
  • A Few of My Favorite Things
    Rodgers&Hammerstein's timeless lyrics of brown paper packages tied up with strings prompted a seasonal memory jog to dredge up a few of my favorite things. Mind you, as 1960 rolled down the living room carpet where our Christmas tree stood in front of the picture window, I was a 9 year old--one of those girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes. This disclosure alone should prove illuminating as any jaunty gold star placed on the pinnacle of a tree.
  • A Graveyard Smash
    Bobby "Boris" Pickett and the Crypt-Kickers' "Monster Mash" caught on in a flash with its release in 1962. You might say Pickett's Transylvanian twist was a blood tansfusion infused by his father, a theater manager, who distilled in his son a love of horror films.
  • A Senior Moment
    The year 1969 is most memorable to me as my last year at Lincoln Senior High, and the start of my freshman year at Rhode Island College. Though I can now appreciate the challenging spirit of the Sixties, you might say it eluded me while living through the decade.
  • A Sixties Summer
    Who would have thought a metal folding chair would impact my recollection of Summer in the 60s? That's right...a cold, shallow, beige chair with a set of jaws to spawn its own macabre tale
  • Fra-Gee-Lay
    Perhaps more memorable to me than Ralphie's Daisy Red Ryder BB gun in A Christmas Story (1983), is that bizarre leg lamp, so evocative of nylon stockings during the sixties. Fragile or Fra-Gee-Lay, are what they were.
  • Home Ick
    Spiraling down Jefferson Airplane's Go Ask Alice when she's ten feet tall looking glass of the sixties, I find myself winding along the linoleum corridors, a seventh grader at Lincoln Junior High.
  • Lickin' 'o the Green
    Though there will always be spills in "Aisle 2" of our nation's supermarkets, B.B. King's '69 song title spills all: The Thrill is Gone...the thrill of collecting and hording S&H Green Stamps.
  • M-m-m, Burgers
    As hamburger prices increased anywhere from 45 - 55 cents, we ventured to the Hillsgrove section of Warwick, Rhode Island where the first burger joint selling beef on a bun for 15 cents took a stand-- Burger Chef. This new fast food establishment's meagre offerings included: burgers already prepared with mustard, ketchup, and onions; fries; Coke; vanilla shakes.
  • The Bubble Flip
    One of the popular hairdos of the Sixties decade was that of the Bubble Flip--no simple undertaking indeed! In order to achieve the "look," serious commitment was a major requirement.
  • A Riveting Revolution
    Since the Sixties were a prime time of protest against the Vietnam War, and advocation of equal rights be they Gay, Student, or Civil--why not equality for women while we were at it? Empowered Daughters of the Riveters revolted against male supremacy in a capitalistic society where discrimination in wages and promotions ran rampant.
  • A Tribute to Twiggy
    Twiggy allowed me to become a trendsetter my freshman year of high school. While most of my teen peers were ironing their long hair straight after the Beatles made landfall in America, it became Greaser passe for me to backcomb or rat tease my hair to dizzying heights.
  • Auld Lang Syne 1969
    Should auld acquaintance be forgot, and never brought to mind? Not 1969…the year which closed the lid on the Sixties without smothering its cultural revolution. 1969 rose to prominence as the year I graduated high school during a time students were tracked as college prep, business, or "generally lost."
  • Day Trippin'
    My fondest recollections growing up in the Sixties settle upon those day trips taken during my father's two-week summer vacation. Thinking back, it was hardly a vacation for my parents. My mom would load the picnic cooler with utensils and food staples road-ready for my father to cook on the portable stove at a campground enroute to our destination
  • Fallout from the Sixties
    As a child growing up in the Sixties, the Cold War was as palpable a dark cloud as the mushroom blast over Hiroshima. StilI fresh in my mind are clips of Nikita Kruschev banging his shoe on a lecturn while delivering the line, "We will bury you!"
  • How I Spent My Sweet Sixteenth Summer Vacation
    In 1967, I took my first job under the umbrella of summer temp. Capitol Heel Lining occupied a large part of the old Wanskuk Mill complex on Branch Avenue, Providence. Like an aging sage, the mill's wisdom trickled through those walls to teach me lessons in life I've never forgotten.
  • Judy, Judy, Judy...
    The price of a first class postage stamp in 1960 was 4 cents; school bus drivers did not run the gauntlet of background checks prior to getting hired; no one made a big deal out of things where it concerned children--perhaps they should have; people in the boonies opened their door after dark when they heard a knock...and, most importantly, Judy deserved a citation for using her head...
  • Love Love Love
    The Beatles spearheaded the British Invasion by wanting to hold our hand, loving us yeah yeah yeah, and assuring us all we need is love. However, a honey-toned, Brazilian chanteuse named Astrud Gilberto who made her professional singing debut with "The Girl from Ipanema" in 1963, bossa novaed love in the proper perspective as the daring decade of the Sixties emerged. Her quavery voice subtely and realistically bemoaned the complexity of love hitherto hushed behind closed bedroom doors of the conservative fifties.
  • My Scoop on Alley Oop
    "There's a man in the funny papers we all know"--Alley Oop, the comic strip caveman created by V.T. Hamlin in 1932. This Stone Age, though not stoned, Neanderthal was immortalized in 1960 through the screwball lyrics sung by the Hollywood Argyles-- really Gary Paxton with a multitrack solo since he was already under contract with another label as "Flip" of "Skip and Flip."
  • On The Cusp
    So, in spirit, our nation's 44th prez is not quite a boomer though he's not your sterotypically cynical Gen Xer either. That puts him on the cusp... 1969 was a pivotol year on the cusp of ending the counter-cultural Sixties while approaching the oppositional Seventies. That same year I became a freshman at Rhode Island College , embarking on an intellectual journey driven by idealism. During September's inaugural convocation held inside Roberts Hall, I bonded with fellow classmates, strangers who paired by chance on the auditorium's stage. I happened to lock hands with a lanky, longhaired dude named Dennis. We swooned to the Youngbloods’ lyrical illusion of idealism: :
  • The Christmas Conspiracy
    During the Capitol years 1962-65, our ultimate all American summer band, the Beach Boys, produced their hit holiday singles, "The Man with all the Toys" and "Little Saint Nick." I had believed in Santa Claus up until 1961, a youngster hanging onto visions of sugar plums while practically sledding into a double digit year.
  • The Fantastic Umbrella Factory
    Where have all the Hippies gone? A native Rhode Islander, one of my favorite places to visit along the coast was The Fantastic Umbrella Factory, a small farm with a cluster of drafty, dilapidated, and musty barns owned by Hippies.
  • The Hippie Movement's Drift on Fragrance
    A lifelong fragrance afficionado who flits from one femme fatale fume to another to achieve an olfactory high, my hip hip hurray to the Hippie Movement's profound influence on "smelling good" is long overdue.
  • The Locomotion of Lava Lamps
    Though I've yet to possess a lava lamp, I've always been meaning to. Its unpredictable kaleidoscopic fluidity never fails to capture and hold my attention. The lamp's resurgence in popularity from its limelight during the sixties heats up the locomotion all over again.
  • Two Backseat Barbarians
    I shake my head and marvel how any of us children of the Sixties could have turned out fine as I mind travel down my own memory lane...
  • Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On
    The Sixties were a time when "going green" implied "tis the season to put up your Christmas tree." We weren't privy to the tagging and cutting traditions of tree farms, or inquisitive about their pest management/soil conservation practices. We hadn't given a fleeting thought to recycling through composting, chipping, or muching either.
  • Zapruder Effect
    JFK's assassination and the sequence of events to follow would leave imprints in our minds impervious to heat, moisture, or chemical breakdown--the Zapruder Effect.

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