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The Locomotion of Lava Lamps

by Eva Pasco

Though I've yet to possess a lava lamp, I've always been meaning to. Its unpredictable kaleidoscopic fluidity never fails to capture and hold my attention. The lamp's resurgence in popularity from its limelight during the sixties heats up the locomotion all over again.  
While British inventor Craven Walker sipped suds at a pub Post WWII, instead of seeing pink elephants, his eyes locked onto a weird lamp , "a contraption made out of a cocktail shaker, old tins, and things." To say Walker was inspired is an understatement, for he spent the next decade and a half perfecting the Astro Lamp which received jeers and sneers of "disgusting" and "ugly." As timing is everything, the Psychedelic Movement and Love Generation of the sixties caused sales to soar in Europe. 
Two American entrepreneurs purchased the rights to manufacture the lamp in Chicago, renaming it the Lava Lite Lamp. Some 400,000 lava lamps are manufactured each year, indicating our willingness to succumb to the hypnotic gyrations of a globular hula dance. Transcendental meditation, anyone?  

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