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The HappeningsThe Happenings were formed in 1961 first as The Four Graduates who recorded for Rust Records in 1963. In 1965 they became The Happenings had a successful three year run during the 60s era with four top 40 songs. The group consisted of Bob Miranda (lead), Tom Guiliano (tenor), Ralph DiVito (baritone) and Dave Libert (bass). Bernie LaPorta replaced Divito in 1968.
The group became very successful in remaking old classics such as "See You in September" first recorded by The Tempos. The Happenings scored big with this hit in 1966 reaching #3 on the Billboard Charts. Soon after they recorded the number one hit for Steve Lawrence "Go Away Little Girl," which shot up to number 12 on the charts.
In 1967 The Happenings once again scored big with another old standard, "I Got Rhythm." This great upbeat remake spent 9 weeks on the Top 40 and peaked at number three. That same year they reached out for an old 1920s Al Jolson's theme song "My Mammy." This also was an instant hit and reached number 13 on the charts.
In addition to their singles, the Happenings issued several full-length recordings, including 1966's self-titled debut, 1967's Psycle, and 1969's Piece of Mind, performed on such popular TV shows as The Tonight Show With Johnny Carson, The Smothers Brothers Show, and The Merv Griffin Show, and shared the concert stage alongside such notables as the Beach Boys, Roy Orbison, Joan Rivers, John Denver, the Drifters, and the Kingston Trio, among others. In the '90s, Miranda formed a new version of the Happenings, playing out live alongside members Bob Kulik and George Rizzi.



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