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June 1:

Born:    Nelson Riddle,  Oradell NJ, musical conductor (1921) 

            Marilyn Monroe, actress (1926)

            Andy Griffith, actor (1926)

            Pat Boone, singer (1934)

            Morgan Freeman actor (1937)

            Cleavon Little, actor (Blazing Saddles) Chickasha Okla (1939)

            Ron Wood The Rolling Stones (1947)

            Lisa Hartman Houston Tx, singer/actress  (1956)

Events: Superman Comics launched (1938)

            The Rolling Stones start their first United States tour. (1964)

            "Sergeant Pepper" is released in the United Kingdom. (1967)

             Simon & Garfunkel's "Mrs Robinson" hits #1 (1968)

            Helen Keller, dies at 87 (1968)

            Tobacco advertising is banned on Canadian radio & TV (1969)

             Ed Sullivan's final TV show (1971)

June 2:

Born:    John Weissmuller actor (Tarzan) (1904)

             Sammy Turner, Patterson, NJ, singer (Lavender Blue)  (1932)

             Sally Kellerman Long Beach Cal, actress (M*A*S*H, Back to School) (1936)

             Charlie Watts, The Rolling Stones (1941)

             William Guest, Pips (1941)

             Stacy Keach, Savannah Ga, actor (Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer) (1941)

             Jerry Mathers, Sioux City Iowa, actor (Beaver-Leave It To Beaver)

Events:  Rolling Stones 1st US concert tour debuts in Lynn, Mass (1964)

             Jim Hutton, actor (Ellery Queen), dies at 45 (1979)

             Rex Harrison, actor (My Fair Lady), dies at 82 of cancer (1990)

             Bo Diddley, singer, songwriter, dies age 79 (2008)

             Richard Dawson, actor, game show host, Hogan's Heroes, The Family Feud dies at 79 (2012)

June 3:

Born:    Tony Curtis [Bernard Schwartz], actor (Some Like It Hot, Trapeze) (1925)

            Curtis Mayfield (1942)

Events: The Rolling Stones make their United States TV debut on "The Dean Martin Show." (1964)

            Rolling Stones begin 1st US tour (with Bobby Goldsboro & Bobby Vee)

            Ozzie Nelson actor (Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet), dies at 69 (1975) 

            Rue McClanahan, actress (Maude, Mama's Family, Golden Girls) dies at age 76 (2010)

            James Arness (Gunsmoke) actor, dies at 88 (2011)

June 4:

Born:     Dennis Weaver Joplin Mo, actor (Chester-Gunsmoke) (1924)

              Freddie Fender, Mexico, country singer (1937)

              Michelle Phillips singer/actress (Mamas & Papas) (1944)

             Gordon Waller, Peter and Gordon (1945)

Events:   George Eastman demonstrates 1st technicolor movie (Rochester NY) (1929)

              Beatles "World Tour" begins in Copenhagen Denmark (1964)

              Rolling Stones release "Satisfaction" (1965)

               "Hanky Panky" becomes Tommy James and The Shondells first hit. (1966)

              Murray Wilson, father of three of the Beach Boys(Brian,Carl & Dennis) dies. (1973)

              Herb Reed, The Platters, who sang on all 400 plus recordings, dies in Hospice care at 83 (2012)

               Roger Smith, actor, 77 Sunset Strip, TV series Mister Roberts, dies at 84. (2017)                           

              June 5:

Born:     Waylon Jennings Littlefield Tx, country singer (1937)

             Don Reid Va, country singer (Statler Bros-Flowers on the Wall)  (1945)

             Michael Monarch, Steppenwolf (1946) 

Events:  Sirhan Sirhan shoots Bobby Kennedy, who dies the next day (1968)

              Conway Twitty, country singer dies. (1993)

               Mel Torme, singer, songwriter, dies. (1999)

               Ray Bradbury, (writer, author) Farenheit 451, The Martian Chronicles dies at 91 (2012)

June 6:

Born:    Gary U.S. Bonds (1936) 

            Levi Stubbs rocker (Four Tops) (1936)

            Larry "The Mole" Taylor, Canned Heat (1942) 

            Peter Albin, Big Brother and the Holding Company (1944)  

Events:   Bill Haley & Comets, "Rock Around the Clock" hits #1 (1955)

              Elvis appears on "The Ed Sullivan Show" only from the waist up. (1956)

              Roy Orbison releases "Only the Lonely"  (1960)

              Activist James Meredith shot in Mississippi (1966)

              6 day war between Israel & Arab neighbors begin (1967)

                 J Paul Getty oil magnate dies at 83 in London (1976)

              Stan Getz jazz saxophonist (Girl from Impanima), dies at 64 (1991)

              Anne Bancroft, actress, The Graduate character Mrs. Robinson dies at 73 (2005)


June 7:

Born:     Dean Martin, singer, actor (1917)   

             Tom Jones, singer (1940)

              Ken Osmond actor (Eddie Haskel-Leave it To Beaver) (1940)

             Clarence White, guitarist, The Byrds (1944) 

             Bill Kreutzmann, The Grateful Dead (1946) 

Events:   Judy Holiday actress, dies at 42 (1965)

              Blind Faith appears for the first time in public at London's Hyde Park for 150,000 fans. (1969)

             The Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash TV special airs on ABC. (1969)

               Tommy James & the Shondells release "Crystal Blue Persuasion" (1969)

              Christopher Lee, legendary actor (Dracula, Lord of the Rings, "James Bond" movies) dies at 93 (2015)

June 8:

Born:     Robert Preston Newton MA, actor (Music Man, Mame) (1918)

             Nancy Sinatra, singer (1940)

             Chuck Negron, Three Dog Night (1942)

             Don Grady actor (Robbie Douglas-My Three Sons) (1944)

             William Royce "Boz" Scaggs Dallas Tx, rocker (Steve Miller Band) (1944)

Events:   US troops ordered to fight offensively in Vietnam (1965)

              Gary Puckett & The Union Gap release "Lady Will Power" (1968)

              James Earl Ray, alleged assassin of Martin Luther King Jr, captured (1968)

               Rolling Stones release "Jumpin' Jack Flash" (1968)

              Brian Jones announces his departure from The Rolling Stones. (1969)

              Robert Taylor actor (Death Valley Days), dies at 57 (1969) 

              Mickey Mantle Day, 60,096 saw #7 retired (1969)        

 June 9:

Born:     Jackie Wilson (1934)

             Donald Duck, the world famous duck of Disney, (1934)

             Jon Lord, Deep Purple (1941)

             Mitch Mitchell, The Jimi Hendrix Experience (1947)

Events:   Congress passes "pay-as-you-go" (withholding) income tax (1943)

              The Beatles begin their first tour of the Orient and Hong Kong. (1964)

              The Monkees appear at the Hollywood Bowl (1967)

              Elvis plays New York City for the first time. (1972)

              Allen Ludden game show host (Password), dies at 63 (1981)

              Adam West, actor, (TV series Batman) dies at 88 (2017)

June 10:

Born:    Judy Garland [Frances Gumm], Mich, actress/singer (Wizard of Oz) (1922)

            Earl Hamner Jr Schuyler Va, TV narrator (The Waltons) (1923)

            F Lee Bailey Waltham Mass, attorney (Sam Shepard case) (1933)

            Matthew Fischer, Procol Harum (1946)

Events: Janis Joplin plays with Big Brother and the Holding Company for the first time. (1966)

             The Beatles release "Rain" the first recording with reversed tapes. (1966)

             Michael Rennie actor (Day the Earth Stood Still), dies at 61 (1971)

             Ray Charles, singer dies. (2004)

              Crisipian St. Peters, English pop singer/song writer (The Pied Piper) dies at 71 (2010)

June 11:

Born:      Vince Lombardi NFL coach (Green Bay Packers) (1913)

              Tab Hunter NYC, actor (1931)

              Gene Wilder Milwaukee, actor  (1935)

              Chad Everett South Bend In, actor (Medical Center) (1936)

Events:   Postmaster General bans D.H. Lawrence's book, Lady Chatterley's Lover (1959)

              Gov Wallace tries to prevent blacks registering at U of Alabama (1963)

              JFK says segregation is morally wrong & that it is "time to act" (1963)

              Frank Silvera actor (High Chaparral), dies at 55 (1970)

              John Wayne dies. (1979)

              Carl Gardner the founder and lead singer of The Coasters, the first doo-wop group to make lasting inroads into the mainstream dies at age 83 (2011 

June 12:

Born:     Jim Nabors, singer, actor (The Andy Griffith Show, Gomer Pyle, USMC) (1932)

             Len Barry, The Dovells (1942)

             Reg Presley, The Troggs (1943)

Events:  Supreme Court unanimously ends laws against interracial marriages (1967)

             Milburn Stone actor (Doc-Gunsmoke), dies at 75 (1980)

              Flippo the Clown, WBNS, TV, Columbus, Ohio (Marvin Fishman, or Bob Marvin, his stage name) dies. (2006)

June 13:

Born:     Ralph Edwards Merino Colo, TV host (This is Your Life) (1913)

             Paul Lynde, Mt Vernon Ohio, comedian (Uncle Arthur-Bewitched) (1926)

             Bobby Freeman (Do You Wanna Dance?) (1940)

Events:  Supreme Court's Miranda decision; suspect must be informed of rights (1966)

             Mick Taylor leaves John Mayall Band & joins the Rolling Stones (1969)

             Clyde McPhatter, The Drifters dies (1972)

             Jimmy Dean, singer, actor, dies at age 81 (2010)

June 14:

Born:     Gene Barry NYC, actor (Bat Masterson, Name of the Game, Burke's Law) (1921)

            Muff Winwood, Spencer Davis Group (1943)

             Rod Argent (1945)

Events:   Pres Eisenhower signs order adding words "under God" to the "Pledge of Allegiance" (1954)

                 The Rolling Stones announces the formation of their own label. (1969)

              Alan Reed actor (voice (Fred Flintstone), dies at 69 (1977)

              Marlin Perkins "Wild Kingdom" host, dies near St Louis at 81 (1986)

June 15:

Born:     Harry Nilsson (1941)

            Waylon Jennings, country singer (1947)

Events:   "Surf City" by Jan and Dean charts. (1963)

              The Beatles release the original "butcher" cover of "Yesterday an Today." (1966)

              Gov Reagan signs liberalized California abortion bill (1967)

              "Hee Haw" with Roy Clark & Buck Owens premiers on CBS TV (1969)             

June 16:

Born:    E.G. Marshall Owatonna Minn, actor (Lawrence-Defenders) (1910) 

            Lamont Dozier, songwriter (Dozier-Holland-Dozier) (1941)

Events: George Reeves actor (Superman) shoots himself and dies (1959)

             Psycho opens in Hollywood. (1960)

             The Monterey Pop festival opens (1967)

June 17:

Born:    James Brown, ["Grandfather of Soul"] , soul singer  (1928) 

           Barry Manilow (1944)

Events: Supreme Court rules against Bible reading/prayer in public schools (1963)

            Kinks arrive in NYC beginning their 1st US tour (1965)

               Moby Grape releases five simultaneous singles in their CBS debut. (1967)

            Kate Smith singer (God Bless America), dies in Raleigh NC at 78 (1986)       

June 18:

Born:     Richard Boone LA Calif, actor (Paladin-Have Gun Will Travel) (1917)

             James Paul McCartney (1942)

Events:    Supreme Court bans racial discrimination in sale & rental of housing (1968)

               George Carlin, comedian, dies at 71 (2008)

 June 19:

Born:     Tommy DeVito, The 4 Seasons (1935)

             Al Wilson (1935)

             Elaine "Spanky" McFarlane rocker (Spanky & Our Gang -Sunday Will Never Be The Same)

Events:  US Supreme Court struck down a provision in Md's constitution requiring state office holders to believe in God (1961)

             Muhammad Ali is convicted for reusing induction in US Army (1967)

             Paul McCartney admits on TV that he took LSD (1967)

             Slim Whitman, country western singer, dies at 90 (2013)

          June 20:

Born:     DeForest Kelley, Atlanta Ga, actor (Dr Leonard McCoy-Star Trek) (1920)

             Audie Murphy, Kingston Tx, WWII hero/actor (1924)

             Martin Landau actor (Mission Impossible) (1928) 

             Brian Wilson, The Beach Boys (1942)

             Anne Murray, singer (1946)

Events: The Newport Folk Festival draws 150,000 people. Jimi Hendrix appears and is paid $120,000 (1969)

June 21:

Born:  Judy Holliday NYC, comedienne/actress  (1922)

         O.C. Smith (1936)

         Ray Davies, The Kinks (1944)

         Chris Britton, The Troggs (1945)

         Joey Cramer, Aerosmith (1950)

Events:   Dr. Peter Goldmark of CBS records demonstrates the first 33 1/3 RPM long playing record. (1948)

              Zager & Evans release "In the Year 2525" (1969)

June 22:

Born:     Kris Kristofferson, songwriter, singer, actor (1936)

             Peter Asher, Peter and Gordon (1946)

             Don Henley drummer/singer (Eagles) (1947)

             Todd Rundgren (1948)

Events:   "Wipe Out" by The Safaris charts. (1963)

              Judy Garland singer/actress, dies in London at 47 (1969)

              Fred Astaire actor/dancer, dies at Century City Hospital in LA at 88 (1987)

              Dennis Day, Jack Benny Show singer, dies of Lou Gehrigs disease at 71 (1988)            

June 23:

Born:     June Carter Cash (1929)

Events:   Stanley Andrews actor (Old Ranger-Death Valley Days), dies at 78 (1969)

                 Smokey Robinson and the Miracles perform their last show together. (1972)

              Ed McMahon, , the longtime pitchman and Johnny Carson sidekick for 30 years whose "Heeeeeeerre's Johnny!" will always be a remembered opening for the Tonight Show dies at 86.  (2009)

              Peter Falk, actor, (Columbo) dies at age 83 (2011)

              Bobby "Blue" Bland, singer of blues and soul, dies at 83 (2013)

June 24:

Born:     Jeff Beck, muscian  (1944)

             Arthur Brown, singer (1944)

             Colin Blunstone, The Zombies (1945)

             Mick Fleetwood, singer, Fleetwood Mac (1947)

Events:   "Purple Haze" by Jimi Hendrix charts. (1967)

              "White Rabbit" by Jefferson Airplane charts. (1967)

              Deadline for redeeming silver certificate dollars for silver bullion (1968)

              Jackie Gleason actor (Honeymooners), dies at 71 in Fort Lauderdale (1987)

              Eli Wallach, actor, best known as Tuco in the classic film The Good, The Bad and The Ugly dies at 98 (2014) 

June 25:

Born:     Eddie Floyd, rocker (California Girl, Knock on Wood) (1935)

             Carly Simon, singer, songwriter (1945)

             Clint Warwick [ex-Moody Blues] (1949)

             Ian McDonald, Foreigner (1946)

Events:   Supreme Court rules NY school prayer unconstitutional (1962)

              400 million watch Beatles "Our World" TV special  (1967)

              Longest tennis match in Wimbeldon history, Pancho Gonzalez beats Charles Pasarell in 112 game (5hr12m) marathon (1969)

              Farrah Fawcett, actress, remembered for "Charlie's Angels" dies after a battle with cancer.  She was 62. (2009)

              Michael Jackson, singer, songwriter, a member of  Jackson 5 and as a solo act whose career accumulated 4 number 1 hits while with the family group Jackson 5 and had eleven # 1 hits with a solo career.  His album "Thriller" remains the highest selling LP in music history.  Jackson dies of cardiac arrest at age 50. (2009)

              Patrick Macnee, actor best known for TV series "The Avengers", dies at 93. (2015)

June 26:

Born:     Colonel Tom Parker, Elvis Presley's only manager (1909)

             Pat Morita Calif, actor (Arnold-Happy Days) (1933)

             Billy Davis Jr St Louis Mo, singer (5th Dimension) (1940)

Events:  Kennedy visits W Berlin "Ich bin ein Berliner" (I am a Berliner) (1963)

             Beatles release "A Hard Day's Night" album (1964)

             Iwo Jima & Bonin Islands returned to Japan by US (1968)

             Sonny & Cher's divorce is finalized. (1975)

June 27:

Born:     Bob Keeshan [Captain Kangaroo] (1927)

Events:  Billy J Kramer & Dakotas record Lennon & McCartney "I Call Your Name"  (1963)

             50,000 attend Denver Pop Festival (1969)

              Don Grady, (played Robbie Douglas on My Three Sons) dies at 68 (2012)

 June 28:

Born:     Lester Flatt, comedian songwriter, singer (1914)

             Mel Brooks comedian/actor/director (1926)

            Dave Knight, Procol Harum (1945)

Events:  1st US ground combat forces in Vietnam authorized by Pres Johnson (1965)

              Daniel Ellsberg indicted for leaking Pentagon Papers (1968)

              Frank Sutton, actor (Sgt Carter-Gomer Pyle USMC), dies at 55 (1974)

              Rod Serling writer/host (Twilight Zone, Night Gallery), dies at 60 (1975)

June 29:

Born:   Joan Davis St Paul Minn, actress (I Married Joan) (1907) 

           Little Eva( Eva Boyd) rock vocalist (Locomotion) (1945)

Events: 1st draft of Star Trek's pilot "The Cage" released (1964) 

             Civil Rights Act of 1964 passed after 83-day filibuster in Senate (1964)

            Jimi Hendrix gives his last show with The Experience in Denver. Forty thousand fans storm the stage. (1969)

             Bob Crane actor (Hogan's Heroes), murdered at 59 (1978)

June 30:

Born:     Florence Ballard, The Supremes (1943)

Events:  The United States Congress does not extend the draft laws, ending the draft. (1971)

             Mrs Albert King mother of Martin Luther King, murdered in church (1974)

             Greg Allman and Cher marry. (1975)







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