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Do You Remember These Great TV Commercial Jingles From the 60s?

To Start it off: Here is a TV Commercial Classic from Alka Seltzer. I could not resist adding this to the page.  The remaining TV jingles are audio clips. Enjoy as we step back in time and remember these classic commercials from TV.


Alka Seltzer with Speedy 60s TV Jingle Alka Seltzer  

Armour Hot Dogs Armour Hot Dogs 

Bosco Chocolate Bosco 

Chock-Full-of Nuts TV Jingle Chock Full of Nuts 

Brylcreem TV Jingle Brylcream  

Budweiser TV Jingle Budweiser   

Schlitz TV Jingle Schlitz Beer 

See The USA in your Chevrolet Chevrolet 

Coca Cola TV Jingle Coca Cola 

Cracker Jack TV Jingle Cracker Jack 

Almond Joy TV Jingle Mounds and Almond JoyMounds TV Jingle 


I have never been a smoker but do you remember when cigarette commercials were permitted on TV and radio?  How about these commercials?

Kent TV Jingle Kent 

Marlboro TV Jingle Marboro 

Salem TV Jingle Salem    

Winston TV Jingle Winston 

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