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February 1:

Born:     Don Everly (1937)

             Lisa Marie Presley (Elvis' sole heir) (1968)

Events:   "I Want To Hold Your Hand" hits No. 1 for The Beatles in the United States. (1964)

               Peter Jennings, 26, becomes anchor of ABC's nightly news (1965)

              Buick begins to offer eight-track car stereo tape players in their cars as dealer options. (1967)

              Vince Lombardi resigns as coach of the Green Bay Packers (1968

              Jack Bailey TV host (Queen for a Day), dies at 72 (1980)

              Paul Robi, The Platters, dies. (1989) 

              Don Cornelius creator of TV's "Soul Train" dies of self-inflicted gun shot at 75 (2012)

February 2:

Born:   Skip Batten, The Byrds (1934)

           Graham Nash (1942)

           Peter MacBeth, The Foundations (1943)

           Peter Lucia rock drummer (Tommy James & Shondells) (1947)

Events:   RCA issues the first 45 RPM record, beginning the decline of the 78 RPM (1949)

              Buddy Holly's last performance (1959)

              The Beatles' first tour date is held in Gaumont, Bradford, The headliner was Helen Shapiro. (1963)

             GI Joe, debuts as a popular American boy's toy (1964)

             Gene Kelly actor/dancer (Singing in the Rain), dies at 83 (1996)

             Dennis Edwards, former lead singer, Temptations dies at 74 (2018)

February 3:

Born:    Chuck Tharp rock vocalist (Fireballs) (1941)

             Johnny Cymbal rocker (Mr Bass Man) (1945)

             Dave Davies, The Kinks (1947)

             Melanie (1947)

Events: The Day The Music Died.  Buddy Holly, J.P. "Big Bopper" Richardson, and Richie Valens died in a plane crash outside Mason City, Iowa. They were enroute to a concert in Fargo, North Dakota when the plane went down in a cornfield in Ames, Iowa. (1959)

             "Purple Haze" recorded by Jimi Hendrix (1967)

            John Cassavetes actor/director (Husbands, Dirty Dozen), dies at 59  (1989) 

             Nancy Kulp actress (Jane Hathaway-Beverly Hillbillies), dies at 69  (1991)

             Audrey Meadows actress (Alice-Honeymooners), dies at 69 (1996)

             Al Lewis, actor, best known as Grandpa on The Munsters, dies at 82 (2006) 

             Ben Gazzara, actor, dies at 81 (2012)


February 4:

Born:     John Steel, The Animals (1941)

             Johnny Gamble rocker (Classics) (1942)

             Alice Cooper (1948)

Events:   Giants move their offices to Candlestick Park (1960)

               "Wild Thing" hits #20 on the pop singles chart by Senator Bobby (1967)

              The Beatles appoint Eastman and Eastman as Apple's general council.  One partner is Linda (then Eastman) McCartney's father. (1969)

               Yassar Arafat takes over as chairman of PLO (1969)

               Kenneth "Jethro" Burns country singer (Homer & Jethro), dies at 69 (1989)

               Reg Presley, songwriter and lead singer of the Troggs, dies at 71 (2013)

February 5:

Born:    Sam Phillips musician/record company founder (Sun Records) 

            Al Kooper (1944)

             Bob Marley (1945)

             Nigel Olsson, ex-Elton John Band (1949)

Events:   Gene Pitney's first hit "Love My Life Away" charts. (1961)

              Hans Conried actor (Bullwinkle Show, Make Room for Daddy, Fractured Flickers), dies at 64 (1982)

              Sonny Bono (Representative-R-CA)/singer (Sonny & Cher), dies skiing at 62 (1998)


February 6:

Born:      Fabian (1943)

Events:   "Ferry Cross the Mersey" by Gerry and the Pacemakers charts. (1965)

               Guy Madison actor (Wild Bill Hickok), dies at 74 (1996)

               Carl Wilson, The Beach Boys dies. (1998)

February 7:

Events:   President Kennedy orders blockade of Cuba (1962)

              The Beatles make their first visit to the United States. (1964)

              Cassius Clay becomes a Muslim & adopts the name Muhammad Ali (1964)

              George Harrison has his tonsils removed. (1965)

              US begins regular bombing & strafing of North Vietnam (1965)

              "Hollywood Palace" last airs on ABC TV (1970)

              Mickey Jones, actor, best known for appearance on TV series Home Improvement dies at 76 (2018)

February 8:

Born:     Larry Verne singer (Custer) (1936)

             Adolpho "Fito" de la Parra Canned Heat (1946)

Events:  Congress opens hearings looking into payola (1960)

             "I Saw Her Standing There" charts for The Beatles. (1964)

              Peter (Asher) & Gordon (Waller) discontinue their singing partnership (1967)

              Last edition of Saturday Evening Post (1969)

              Del Shannon dies at 55 of self-inflicted gunshot wound. (1990)

February 9:

Born:    Barry Mann singer (Who put the Bomp) (1939) 

            Smokey Robinson rocker (& Miracles) (1940)

            Carole King, songwriter, singer (1941)

            Barbara Lewis, singer (Hello Stranger, Make Me Your Baby, Baby, I'm Yours) (1943)

            Mia (Maria) Farrow Los Angeles CA, actress (1945)

Events:  "The Adventures of Superman" TV series premieres in syndication (1953)

             Bill Haley (first rock superstar) dies (1981)

             The Beatles make their first "Ed Sullivan Show" appearance for $2,400. (1964)

February 10:

Born:     Don Wilson, The Ventures (1937)

             Roberta Flack (1940)

             Jimmy Merchant rock vocalist (Frankie Lymon & Teenagers( (1940)

Events:   Sly and the Family Stone's first hit, "Dance To The Music," charts. (1968)

              Producer Phil Spector nearly dies in an auto accident in Los Angeles (1970)   

               Shirley Temple childhood star of the big screen dies at 85 (2014)

Shirley Temple


February 11:

Born:     Thomas Edison (the inventor of the phonograph) (1847)

             Gerry Goffin (songwriter) (1939)

             Bobby "Boris" Pickett rocker (Monster Mash) (1940)

             Sergio Mendes jazz/pop musician (Brazil '66/'77/'88) (1941)

Events:  Jack Paar walks off his TV show  (1960)

              The Beatles' first concert in the Washington D.C. Coliseum. (1964) 

               Ringo Starr marries Maureen Cox. (1965)

               Whitney Houston dies at 48 (2012)

               Rick Huxley, bass player, Dave Clark Five, dies at 72 (2013)


  February 12:

Born:     Lorne Greene (1915)

             Ray Manzarek, The Doors (1935) 

             Steve Hackett, ex-Genesis (1950) 

Events:   The Beatles play Carnegie Hall. (1964)

              Keith Richards, Mick Jagger & Marianne Faithful busted for drugs (1967)

               Sal Mineo actor (Exodus, Rebel Without a Cause), stabbed at 37 (1976)

               Sammi Smith, country singer, (Help Me Make It Through The Night) dies. (2005)

               Sid Caesar, comic actor, Show of Shows, dies at 91 (2014)

               Gary Owens, best known as announcer for Rowan & Martin's Laugh-in dies at  80 (2014)

               Marty Allen, comedian, dies at 95 (2018) 

February 13:

Born:       Kim Novak [Marilyn], Chicago IL, actress (Vertigo, Of Human Bondage) (1933)

               Peter Tork, The Monkees (1946)

               Ed Gagliardi, ex-Foreigner (1952) 

Events:    The Rolling Stones appear on "The Ed Sullivan Show." (1966) 

                Waylon Jennings, country singer, dies. (2002)

                Ralph Waite, actor, best known in series The Waltons as John Walton Sr. dies at 83 (2013)

February 14:

Born:     Vic Briggs, The Animals (1945)

Events:  "Twist and Shout" charts for The Beatles. (1964) 

            Albert Grossman, Janis Joplin's manager goes to court to prove her death was an accident, not a     suicide.  He had a $250,000 insurance policy on her. (1971)

            Shadow Morton, song writer and producer, biggest credits include "Leader of the Pack" and "Remember (Walking in the Sand)" and other hits for the group The Shangri-Las dies at 71 (2013)

February 15:

Born:     Harvey Korman Chicago IL, actor (Carol Burnett Show, Blazing Saddles) (1927)

             Brian Holland, songwriter, (1941)

             Mick Avory, The Kinks (1944)

             Melissa Manchester, singer (1951)

Events:   "Glad All Over" charts for The Dave Clark Five. (1964)

               Nat "King" Cole, singer, dies (1965)

              Wally Cox actor (Mr Peepers, Hollywood Squares), dies at 48 (1973)

              Paul McCartney loses a four-year battle on publishing for "Yesterday," "Hey Jude," "Eleanor Rigby," and "Let It Be."  He sold them for $25 million in 1969 and was rejected in his $30 million offer to repurchase them. (1983)              

                     Tommy Rettig actor (Lassie) (played Jeff)/computer programmer (Clipper), dies at 54 (1996)

                 R. Lee Emey, actor, known for movie Metal Jacket dies at 74 (2018)

February 16:

Born:     Sony Bono (1935)

Events:   Beatles' 2nd appearance on "Ed Sullivan Show" (1964)

              Leslie Gore, singer, song writer (It's My Party, Judy's Turn to Cry and many more dies at 68 (2015)

February 17:

Born:     Gene Pitney (1941)

             Huey Newton Black Panther leader (1942)

Events:   "Surfin" hits the charts for The Beach Boys. (1962) 

               Bob Dylan & Johnny Cash record an album (never released) (1969)

February 18:

Born:     Yoko Ono (1933)

February 19:

Born:     William "Smokey" Robinson (1940)

              Lou Christie (1943)

             Mama Cass Elliott (1943)

             Tony Lommi, Black Sabbath (1948)

Events:   The phonograph is patented. (1878)

               UK flies ½ ton of Beatle wigs to US (1964)

               Grandpa Jones country comic/banjo wizard (Hee Haw), dies at 84 (1998)

               Don Newcombe, the Cy Young-winning pitcher for the Brooklyn Dodgers, Los Angeles Dodgers, and Cincinnati Reds dies at 92 (2019)

February 20:

Born:      Sidney Poitier Miami FL, actor (Porgy & Bess, A Raisin in the Sun, Guess Who's Coming To Dinner) (1927)

             Nancy Wilson Chillicothe OH, jazz singer (Feel Like Making Love) (1937)

             Buffy Saint-Marie (1941)

             Walter Becker, Steely Dan (1950)  

Events:   John Glenn is 1st American to orbit Earth (Friendship 7) (1962)

             "Go Now" is the first chart-maker for The Moody Blues (1965) 

              Ringo stars in his first non-Beatle move, Candy. (1968)

              Dick York actor (Bewitched), dies of emphysema at 63 (1992)

February 21:

Born:       Larry Hagman TV actor (I Dream of Jeannie, Dallas) (1931)

               David Geffen Brooklyn NY, record producer (Geffen, Asylum) (1943)

Events:    Malcolm X [Little], black Moslem leader, assassinated in New York NY at 39 (1965)

               Ted Williams signs 5-year contract to manage Washington Senators (1969)

                Cleotha Staples, The Staple Singers, dies at 78 (2013)

                 Reverend Billy Graham, evangelist, dies at 99 (2018)

                 Peter Tork, keyboardist and bass guitar player, for the Monkees dies at 77 (2019)

 February 22:

Born:         Bobby Hendricks US soul vocalist (Itchy Twitchy Feeling) (1938)

Events:   Florence Ballard, The Supremes dies. (1976)

              Andy Warhol pop artist, dies from complications following gall bladder surgery at 58 (1987)

              Nanette Fabray, actress, dies at 97 (2018)

February 23:

Born:     Peter Fonda actor (Easy Rider, Lilith, Wild Angels, Trip) (1940)

            Johnny Winter (1944)

             Brad Whitford, Aerosmith (1952)

February 24:

Born:      Paul Jones, Manfred Mann (1944)

Events:  Johnnie Ray singer (Cry), dies of liver failure at 61 (1990)

             Don Knotts, famous for his role of as Barney Fife on The Andy Griffith Show dies . (2006)               

February 25:

Born:      George Harrison (1945)

Events:   Cassius Clay, a 7-1 underdog, TKOs champion Sonny Liston in the 7th round to win the world heavyweight championship (1964)

             "Penny Lane/Strawberry Fields" is relesed by The Beatles (1967)

             Jim Lange, host of the TV show The Dating Game, dies at 81 (2014)  

February 26:

Born:     Johnny Cash (1932)

             Mitch Ryder rocker (Mitch Ryder & the Detroit Wheels-"Devil With the Blue Dress") (1945)

Events:  Lou Costello actor (Abbott & Costello), dies at 52 (1959)

             US Supreme court disallows race separation on public transportation (1962)

             Buddy Miles, drummer (Band of Gypsies, American Flag) dies at age 60 (2008)

February 27:

Born:      Elizabeth Taylor London, actress (Cleopatra) (1932)

              Eddie Gray rock guitarist (Tommy James & Shondells  (1948)

Events:    Willie Best actor (Charlie-My Little Margie), dies at 45 (1962)

               South-Vietnam President Ngo Dinh Diem's palace bombed, 1st US killed (1962)

               George Tobias actor (Abner Kravitz-Bewitched), dies at 78  (1980)

               J Pat O'Malley actor (My Favorite Martian), dies at 83  (1985)

               William F. Buckley, Jr., American author, dies at age 82 (2008)

               "Duke" Edwin Donald  Snyder, hall of fame baseball player, Brooklyn Dodgers, LA Dodgers, SF Giants, NY Mets dies at age 84 (2011)

              Leonard Nimoy, actor best known for his character Mr. Spock on the series and movies of Star Trek, dies at 83 (2015)

 February 28:

Born:     Smokey The Bear (1928)

             Brian Jones (1942)

             Joe South, singer, songwriter (1942)

Events:   Frankie Lymon singer, dies at 25 (1968)

              Eddie "Rochester" Anderson comedian (Jack Benny Show), dies at 71 (1977)

              Mr Ed talking horse, dies (1979)

              Mike Smith, lead singer and keyboards, The Dave Clark Five dies of pneumonia at 64 (2008)

              Paul Harvey, radio commentator and personality for over 70 years, noted for "The Rest of The Story" dies at age 90 (2009)

              Jane Russell, actress, dies at age 89 (2011)

              George Kennedy, actor, (movies include Cool Hand Luke, The Dirty Dozen,  Airport) dies at 91 (2016)

February 29:

Events:   Beatles' "Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" wins Grammy (1968)

              John Lennon's visa to the United States expires, and he begins his battle to obtain residency. (1972)

               Davy Jones, singer/actor, The Monkees dies at 66 (2012)





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