Elvis Presley's Top Recordings

by Carl Hoffman

Looking back on Elvis Presley's career, nobody can deny he was the King. He had 107 recordings that made it to the Top 40 Billboard, more than any other artist in rock history.  Of those 107 songs, 21 hit the number one position, one more than the Beatles 20. His number one records remained in the top position for a total of 94 weeks.  That is almost two years and I am only talking about the number one records.  Elvis Presley recorded and performed in three separate decades and remained a favorite.

I still can remember where I was when I found out Elvis had died.  I was in Germany serving in the United States Army and the word came when a DJ on AFN Radio Europe broke in and announced Elvis' death.  It was like I was stunned and I know my mother was in shock as well because Elvis' was her man.

I recall the commander's driver by the name of Waller.  He lived and died for the music of Elvis.  In fact he did a great impersonation of him.  Of course many made fun of him because many felt only girls should love a performer like that. He was so devastated that the commander had to give him a day off for him to grieve.  Now I know how the truly great fans felt upon Elvis' passing.  Not only was a great entertainer and singer leaving us but a friend.

Below you will find what I believe to be his top 30 songs of his entire career.  Believe me it was no easy task, picking these songs over the hundreds that he recorded.  I know many of you may disagree with me and think maybe another song or two belonged.  I would like to put all 107 songs on here but that wouldn't be feasible would it?  Take a look at the list and let me know what you think in the guestbook and as always click the link below and listen to the world's greatest entertainer of all time.

Webmaster's Pick of The Best of Elvis Presley

Special Note:  These are not in any particular order of preference but in chronological order by year.

  1. Heartbreak Hotel (1956) #1
  2. I Want You, I Need You, I Love You (1956) #1
  3. Don't Be Cruel (1956) #1
  4. Love Me Tender (1956) #1
  5. All Shook Up (1957) #1
  6. Jailhouse Rock (1957( #1
  7. Wear My Ring Around Your Neck (1958) #2
  8. (Now and Then There's)  A Fool Such As I (1959) #2
  9. Stuck On You (1960) #1
  10. It's Now Or Never (1960) #1
  11. Are You Lonesome Tonight? (1960) #1
  12. Surrender (1961) #1
  13. Little Sister (1961) #4
  14. (Marie's the Name) His Latest Flame (1961) #4
  15. Can't Help Falling In Love (1961) #2
  16. Good Luck Charm (1962) #1
  17. Return to Sender (1962) #2
  18. (You're the) Devil In Disguise (1963) #3
  19. Viva Las Vegas (1964) #29
  20. Such A Night (1964) #16
  21. Crying In The Chapel (1965) #3 (recorded on Oct 31, 1960)
  22. If I Can Dream (1968) #12
  23. Memories (1969) #35
  24. In The Ghetto (1969) #3
  25. Suspicious Minds (1969) #1
  26. Don't Cry Daddy (1969) #6
  27. Kentucky Rain (1970) #16
  28. The Wonder of You (1970) #9
  29. Burning Love (1972) #2
  30. American Triology (1972) #66

Click Here to Play These Great Memories from Elvis.


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